10 In Polished Steel Paella Pan | 26 cm | 2 Servings



This polished steel paella pan will do the trick for you on a regular basis for serving an intimate two people experience. To ensure proper heat conduction, the pan is made of high-quality carbon steel with an ideal cooking surface. This is one of our best-selling Paella pans that can be heated effectively and evenly in a shorter period of time to ensure the perfect paella recipe is cooked. This paella pan is perfect for making a delicious paella. Made from thick and lightweight material. The polished paella pan’s bottom is rigid because of the hammered dimple technology. The 10-inch paella pan serves two people.

Purchase your 10 in paella pan today and start cooking delicious paella.

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Conventional Stovetop, Oven, Gas Burner, Open Fire

Following care instructions


Cook paella or other

Just paella

Cook outdoors or indoors

Indoors, Outdoors