11 inch Non-Stick Carmela Grill Double-Coated


Experience exceptional indoor grilling with the Machika Carmela Non-Stick Grill Pan. This versatile 11-inch griddle pan is designed for use on all stove types, including gas, electric, induction, and vitro-ceramic, making it the perfect addition to any kitchen.

The Carmela Grill Pan is crafted from durable steel and features a double-coated, enameled finish with a 4-layer design. This unique construction includes one enameled outer layer, one steel layer, one enameled inner layer, and two non-stick layers, providing exceptional durability and resistance to wear.

With its even heat distribution, this grill pan ensures consistent cooking results every time. The flat surface offers excellent heat conduction, allowing you to enjoy perfectly grilled foods with a delicious taste, all without warping or deformation.

The timeless black design of the Carmela Grill Pan features a built-in handle, raised ridges for searing, and a highly resistant, anti-corrosive vitreous enamel finish. This easy-to-clean pan is perfect for cooking for the whole family, from searing steaks to grilling fish and making mouthwatering–sandwiches. Please note, this grill pan is not suitable for oven use.

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  • VERSATILE NON-STICK GRIDDLE PAN FOR STOVE TOP – Machika’s Carmela non-stick grill pan, compatible with all stove types, features a double-coated enameled finish. Create delicious grilled recipes at home with this versatile and easy-to-use griddle pan

  • DURABLE & HIGHLY RESISTANT STOVE GRIDDLE – Crafted from sturdy steel, Carmela’s grill pan boasts a 4-layer design for maximum durability: (1) enameled exterior layer, (1) steel layer, (1) enameled inside layer, and (2) non-stick layers.

  • EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION – Achieve perfect results in your recipes, thanks to our stovetop grill pan excellent heat conduction. Enjoy evenly grilled food with a delicious taste, without worrying about warping or deformation in the pan’s surface.

  • ELEGANT & FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – The Machika grill pan features a classic black color, built-in handle, raised ridges for searing, and a highly resistant, anti-corrosive vitreous enamel finish. Elevate your kitchen’s style while optimizing grilling performance.

  • VERSATILE COOKING OPTIONS – This griddle pan is suitable for various cook-tops: gas, electric, vitro-ceramic, and induction, making it perfect for cooking for the whole family. Please note that it is not suitable for oven use.


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