12 In Polished Steel Paella Pan | 30 cm | 4 Servings



For the serving of 4 people, this polished 30 cm steel paella pan is made to cater to your everyday needs. The paella pan is made of top-quality carbon polished steel for a proper heat conduction system. The paella pan has the ability to perfectly heat up thoroughly in lesser time and transfer an equal amount of heat all over the surface for the perfect making of paella. You can cook the perfect paella by using this paella pan. The material of the paella pan is thick and lightweight. The hammered dimple of the polished steel paella pan makes the bottom of the pan rigid.

Buy your 12 in paella pan today and cook delicious paella.

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Conventional Stovetop, Oven, Gas Burner, Open Fire

Following care instructions


Cook paella or other

Just paella

Cook outdoors or indoors

Indoors, Outdoors