Paella Pan – Pata Negra – Induction Enameled 30


Pata Negra Enameled Steel Paella Pan for Induction, our ultimate enameled skillet for professional and experienced home cooks. This high-quality pan is suitable for restaurants, chefs, and home kitchens, providing exceptional performance and durability.

Crafted from durable alloy steel with non-sticking surface and porcelain enamel, our pan is designed with built-in handles for easy transportation and handling. The flat, thick bottom ensures excellent heat transmission, allowing for even cooking across the entire surface of the pan.

Ideal for preparing a wide variety of meals, including Mediterranean dishes, steaks, chicken, and seafood, our 12 in pan can fit up to 1 serving. Impress your guests or customers with delicious, perfectly cooked dishes every time.

The Machikasteak pan is compatible with various types of cooking equipment, including induction, vitro-ceramic, gas burners, and electric stoves. No matter your setup, this versatile pan will perform at its best.

To maintain the pan’s brand-new appearance and prevent rust, clean the pan with water and detergent. Immediately dry the pan with a soft cloth to maintain its beautiful enamel look. Store in a plastic bag keeping it in a safe space to prevent dents or scratches. Please note that this pan is not suitable for use in a dishwasher.

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  • Professional-grade induction pan – our induction paella pan is made to withstand demanding use day in and day out, crafted with special wide alloy steel for outstanding durability and reliability. this well-made and sturdy pan will achieve professional cooking results, perfect for any kitchen.
  • Even heat distribution – this nonstick induction pan ensures excellent heat conduction for evenly cooked dishes, featuring a porcelain enamel finish and a lightweight, heat-resistant construction. wow your guests and create impressive diners with perfectly cooked meals every time.
  • Ideal for 1 serving – cook various mouthwatering-meals, from mediterranean recipes to steaks, chicken or seafood. our 12” non stick pans for cooking are perfect for single servings, satisfying your customers or guests with every bite.
  • Compatible with various professional stoves – the machika enameled steel pan works seamlessly with various cooking equipment, including induction, vitro-ceramic, gas burners and electric stoves. experience top performance regardless of your cooking setup!
  • Maintain that brand new-look – durable and anti-rust induction pancake pan, no need for seasoning. clean the piece with water and detergent. immediately dry the pan with a soft cloth to keep its beautiful enamel look. store in a plastic bag in a safe space to prevent dents or scratches.


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