Paella Pan – Pata Negra – Induction Enameled 30


Paella Pata Negra Enameled Induction

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Pata Negra Emameled Induction Paella Pan by Machika is a skillet for professional use that supports the intensive work of a professional chef. Suitable for restaurants, chefs, and home cooks with experience. Made with high-quality thin alloy steel with an enamel finish. Designed with built-in heat-resistant handles to ease transportation and handling. Suitable for induction stovetop, vitroceramic, gas burner, gas stove, electric stove, burner, and ovens. Easy maintenance! Simply clean the piece with water and detergent. Immediately dry the pan with a soft cloth to maintain its beautiful enamel look. Store in a plastic bag keeping it in a safe space to prevent dents or scratches


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