13 In Polished Steel Paella Pan | 34 cm | 6 Servings



Is a sturdy paella pan on your wish list? This polished steel paella pan measures 13″ and lets you cook tasty paella to satisfy your tasty paella cravings. Stainless steel paella pans feature a stain-resistant, easy-to-clean surface. Paella pans that are made of carbon steel with polished surfaces have excellent heat conductivity. This resulted in a perfect paella since the pans heated evenly. Prepare delicious paella using this pan. The steel used in the paella pan is durable and of premium quality. With hammered dimple technology, polished paella pans have rigid bottoms. This elegant paella pan serves up to six people.

Buy this all-new paella pan today and delicious paella anytime.

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Conventional Stovetop, Oven, Gas Burner, Open Fire

Following care instructions


Cook paella or other

Just paella

Cook outdoors or indoors

Indoors, Outdoors