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Stainless Steel Valencian Paella Pan by Machika is a skillet suitable for domestic use (you can use it on any stove that fits the base of your pan). Made with high-quality 18/8 stainless steel, this paella pan is designed with built-in golden handles for easy transportation and a clean mirror finish. With elegant finishes and top-notch quality made in Spain, this eye-catching pan is perfect for display in your dining room or kitchen.

It requires extra care and maintenance. To avoid rust, make sure to dry your pan very well after washing and avoid air drying. After that, seal the surface with a bit of vegetable oil. This paella pan is not suitable for induction stoves. It is perfect for cooking up to 6 servings and recommended for domestic use, couples, singles, small preparations, travel, and more.

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  • STAINLESS STEEL PAN –  This Valencian Paella Pan is made of pure stainless steel, designed with thin and single-ply metal, making it a durable, sturdy, and eye-catching pan. It’s ideal for preparing up to 6 servings of your favorite Mediterranean recipes.

  • ENJOY GREAT HEAT CONDUCTIVITY – The stainless steel paella pan offers great heat conduction, allowing for even cooking of your dishes. It is not suitable for direct heat without any food or high-heat sautéing. Dishwasher safe.

  • COOK AND SHARE YOUR FAVORITE DISHES – Cook delicious rice, pizza, pancakes, bacon, meat, vegetarian, seafood recipes, and more with this stainless steel skillet by Machika, and enjoy up to 6 servings. Perfect for camping, outdoor parties, family dinners, and other occasions.

  • USE IT IN MULTIPLE COOKING EQUIPMENT – Our Valencian Paella Pan is suitable for use with various cooking equipment, including conventional stove-tops, grills, paella burners, open fire, and domestic ovens. You can use it on any stove that fits the base of the pan. Non suitable for induction stoves.

  • MAINTAIN THAT BRAND NEW-LOOK – To avoid rust, make sure to dry your Machika pan thoroughly after washing and avoid air drying. Afterward, seal the surface with a small amount of vegetable oil.


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