Paella Pata Negra Polished (18 in – 45 cm – 6 Servings)


The Machika Pata Negra Polished Steel Paella Pan is a cooking tool tailored for the demanding work of professional chefs. With its premium polished steel finish and robust construction, this pan enables culinary experts to elevate their cooking and achieve desired results seamlessly.

Constructed from high-quality extra-thick and heavy-duty carbon steel, the pan features a polished finish that exudes a professional appeal. Its integrated handles simplify transportation and handling, making it an ideal choice for bustling kitchens. Furthermore, the dimples on its surface ensure even heat distribution, promoting uniform cooking and the perfect texture for your dishes. This pan is an indispensable tool for restaurants, catering services, hotels, and other food establishments.

Designed to prepare a variety of delectable Mediterranean dishes, this pan works flawlessly on professional gas ranges and open fires. It’s perfect for cooking up servings of paella, risottos, or any rice, meat, and seafood dishes, comfortably serving up to four people. Notably, it is not compatible with induction, vitroceramic, or electric stovetops.

Maintaining the pan’s pristine condition is straightforward. To avoid rusting, ensure the pan is dried thoroughly after washing, avoiding air drying. A small amount of vegetable oil can be used to seal the surface and protect it from oxidation. Over time, it’s normal for the pan’s color to darken, adding a well-used charm without affecting its performance. Please note that this pan is not suitable for dishwasher cleaning. Cook, serve, and impress with the Machika Professional Carbon Steel Pan

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  1. PROFESSIONAL COOKING PAN – The Machika Pata Negra paella pan features premium finishes for professional cooks and chefs to prepare every dish efficiently. It’s a durable and well-crafted paella pan made with an extra-thick, heavy-duty carbon steel grade.

  1. PERFECT COOKING – Our polished steel pan is designed for high performance, offering excellent heat conduction and withstanding direct heat without overheating. The dimples on its surface aid in cooking every dish evenly. A must-have for restaurants, catering services, hotels, and more.

  1. COOK YOUR FAVORITE DISHES – Delight your guests with delicious Mediterranean food! Elevate your cooking skills and enjoy preparing rice, risotto, stir-fry, meat, and seafood recipes using our carbon steel skillet, which is perfect for serving up to four people.

  1. APT FOR MULTIPLE COOKING EQUIPMENT – The Pata Negra paella pan is suitable for various cooking equipment, ranging from professional gas kitchen ranges to open fire. However, it’s not compatible with induction, vitroceramic, or electric stovetops.

  2. MAINTAIN THAT BRAND NEW-LOOK – To prevent rusting, dry your carbon steel pan thoroughly after washing and avoid air drying. Seal the surface with a small amount of vegetable oil. It’s normal for the pan color to darken after use. Not suitable for dishwasher cleaning.


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