Paella Pan – Enameled 60


Machika?s enameled steel paella pan will be the greatest addition to your kitchen. Made with top-grade enameled steel, these pans conduct heat quickly and evenly throughout to create the perfect paella. Its thin and lightweight material makes this pan durable and trustworthy. Its innovative hammered dimple technology makes the bottoms of the pans rigid and perfect for cooking paellas. This authentic Valencian paella pan makes cooking paella is easier than ever

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Enameled Steel Valencian Paella Pan by Machika is a skillet suitable for domestic use (you can use it on any stove that fits the base of your pan). Made with high-quality steel, this paella pan is designed with built-in reinforced handles for easy lifting and transportation. With elegant finishes and top-notch quality made in Spain, this eye-catching pan is perfect for a gift to your favorite cook. Designed with a rust-proof coating for extra durability.

It is perfect for cooking up to 19 servings and is recommended for professional use, restaurants, events, family gatherings, showcases, and more. This cooking pan is not suitable for induction stoves. It doesn’t require any extra care and maintenance. Just clean it with a soft sponge after use and let it air dry. Also, we don’t recommend using any harsh sponges or cleaning chemicals, to keep its enamel finishes longer and beautifully.

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Gas Burner, Open Fire

Following care instructions

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Cook paella or other

Just paella, Other

Cook outdoors or indoors