28 in Stainless Steel Burner Windshield


Machika burner windshield, ideal for paella pans, made of stainless steel for durability. It prepares delicious Spanish rice dishes. This silver and red windshield is perfect for outdoor cooking and sharing with the family cooking delicious paellas at home. Its dimensions are 19.68 inches to 27.55 inches.

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👩🏻‍🍳 NON-STOP COOKING: Enjoy cooking outdoors without issues due to wind. The paella burner windshield will protect the flame of your burner only by putting it around it. Easy to transport and assemble in place.

💪🏻 ULTRA-DURABLE & STABLE: The ultralight stove windscreen is made of stainless steel, highly resistant to corrosion and humidity. Also, this material provides it with a nice and sleek look.

🔥 FITS DIFFERENT BURNERS: Our paella windshield is suitable for paella burners from 19.68 inches to 27.55 inches. If you already own a Garcima Paella Pan, these are the references that will fit it: 300-350-400 450-500.

⛺ EASY TO TRANSPORT: Carry the stove windscreen anywhere without assembling it. This model from “La Ideal” can be easily transported. It consists of two stainless steel sheets that don’t require hard instructions to assemble in place.

🧽 CARES RECOMMENDATION: Thanks to the properties of the stainless steel, this cooking windshield is really easy to care for. Just be sure to wash it well and dry it with a very absorbent damp cloth.


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