Albufera Paella Pan Set with Burner


Machika Albufera Paella Set with Burner manufactured in Spain is the ultimate paella burner and stand set for cooking delicious Mediterranean food outdoors. Delight your clients and guests without limits and cook comfortably everywhere. Albufera Paella Set contains an excellent traditional enameled grill plat (14.2-inch) ideal to cook delicious paella, seafood, pasta or steaks. Includes a functional 11.8 in gas burner with individual regulators and 31.5-inch camping tripod for cooking for easy-cooking outdoors. Enjoy preparing food wherever you go!

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📦 PAELLA KIT – Excellent set with enameled grill plat, burner and stand set for outdoor cooking, you get everything you need to prepare delicious meals during events, caterings, camping, picnic & gatherings in the garden.

🍳 14.1-INCH ENAMELED GRILL PLAT – Our set contains a traditional 14.2-inch enameled grill plat from Spain, an excellent cookware that distributes heat evenly for cooking paella, seafood, steaks, pasta recipes & burgers.

🔥 PAELLA BURNER – Our paella kit includes a 11.8-inch butane/propane burner that fits 14.2-inch paella pans and smaller. Features 1 circle with adjustable intensity and a handle.

✅ PRACTICAL PAELLA TRIPOD – This Machika paella set also includes a 31.5-inch tripod cooking stand that will make your cooking time more comfortable, assuring stability and no limits to preparing delicious dishes outdoors.

✨ GREAT COOKING TOOL – Albufera Set will turn easily into your outdoor cooking best friend, highly resistant, portable, and easy to set up. Simply screw the tripod, secure the portable burner, and place your enameled grill plat for preparing endless Mediterranean recipes.



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