G700 Triple Ring Propane Gas Burner


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This is the grand-daddy of them all. For paella pans over 26″ In diameter. The burner has three concentric rings for a very even flame. The diameter of the outer ring is 27″; The Middle diameter is 19″. The inner ring diameter is 12″ It is a great way to prepare paella on your deck or backyard for a neighborhood party. Believe it or not, in the aftermath of a hurricane which cut the power lines here in Virginia, one of our customers broke out his extra large burner and proceeded to serve hot food to all of his neighbors! I am not suggesting that, but the ‘Grande’ Size allows complete freedom to cook whatever you want without being limited by The Capacity of your kitchen: super paellas, garlic shrimp, barbecue. . Whatever. . Along With the burner, you will receive an adjustable tripod in which to mount it. You can extend the legs up to about three feet.

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Dimensions 40.79 × 30.39 × 6.19 cm