Garcima Andreu Paella Pan Set with Burner, 18 Inch Carbon Steel Outdoor Pan and Reinforced Legs Imported from Spain (12 Servings w/wheels)


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  • The Andreu Set is your all in one Paella Kit including the paellera with the burner and the support stand with wheels ready to be taken out of the box and easily assembled
  • 18 inch carbon steel paellera is durable and conducts heat well safe for stovetops, ovens, or grills; Requires a bit of maintenance after washing
  • 16 Inch Burner fits 22 inch paella pans and smaller; Burner has two concentric rings of flame, each independently controlled by its own knob and is CE Certified
  • Sturdy support with utility wheels and accessory tray for convenient carry on outdoor
  • Gift friendly packaging perfect for any occasion such as a housewarming party, wedding, picnic, or birthday gift