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This set is perfect for starters and is ideal for making paellas. This kit includes the paella burner, the paella pan, and the supporting legs. This popular pan is perfect for making authentic and delicious paella. It is shallow with sloping sides that help cook the rice evenly. The pan is thin, durable and it distributes heat evenly. The handles are made of high-quality materials and are painted in red. The legs, also painted red gives great support to the burner and pan

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Machika Ibiza Paella Pan Set with Burner manufactured in Spain is the ultimate paella burner and stand set for cooking delicious Mediterranean food outdoors.  Delight your clients and guests without limits and cook comfortably everywhere. Ibiza Paella Pan Set contains an excellent traditional large paella pan (28-inch) ideal to cook up to 25 servings of delicious paella, seafood, pasta or steaks. Includes a functional 8 – 16 – 24 in gas burner with concentric flame circles with individual regulators and 34-inch camping tripod for cooking for easy-cooking outdoors. Enjoy preparing food wherever you go!