Garcima Paella Pan and Burner Set Carry Bag, Fits up to 20 Inch Paella Pan with Gas Burner and Support Legs Heavy Duty Weather Resistant Material, Perfect for Outdoor, Camping and Picnic


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This Garcima Paella Pan and Burner Set Carry Bag is made with tough fabric, it protects your Paella cooking utensils from falling, stay sturdy and doesn’t get damaged during transportation. Perfect for family outings to the Beach, Park, Picnic, and Camping. Folded, the pouch fits comfortably into travel luggage, trunk or it can be handheld. It is easy to clean and washer friendly, engineered with a sleek design, it stores away easily in standard storage spaces. It has durable reinforced handhelds that provide dependable grip and heavy-duty zipper so you can carry your bag closed and keep all your Paella cooking accessories safe. This trendy Bag is perfect for the Garcima Paella Sets Mediterraneo (10 servings), Valencia (12 servings), Andreu (12 servings w/wheels) and Tabarca (14 servings).

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Dimensions 15.89 × 12.49 × 1.19 cm