Machika Dough Press Set (4-Pack)


Machika Tabarca Paella Pan Set  with Burner manufactured in Spain is the ultimate paella burner and stand set for cooking delicious Mediterranean food outdoors.  Delight your clients and guests without limits and cook comfortably everywhere. Tabarca Paella Pan Set contains an excellent traditional large paella pan (22-inch) ideal to cook 12 to 14 servings of delicious paella, seafood, pasta or steaks. Includes a functional 8 – 16 in gas burner with concentric flame circles with individual regulators and 33-inch camping tripod for cooking for easy-cooking outdoors. Enjoy preparing food wherever you go!

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  • HANDY DOUGH PRESS SET  – Our dough press set of 4 molds with different sizes is a practical food prep solution for anyone trying / wanting to make delicious empanadas in a much faster, and efficient way, saving time and effort while having fun at the kitchen.
  • PRACTICAL EMPANADA PRESS – Get the perfect dough sealing in a snap and focus on filling your empanadas with the perfect dressing. Choose among chicken, beef, cheese, pulled pork, vegetarian food, and even shrimp.
  • MOLDS FOR AMAZING FOOD – Machika’s turn over maker set is a time saver gadget for anyone who loves cooking: stuffed biscuits, meat pies, perogies, Jamaican beef patties, dumplings, ravioli, and much more.
  • PERFECT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY – Enjoy a great time cooking with your kids! These empanadas press child-friendly, perfect to teach them how to prepare easy-to-make snacks and create amazing memories for the future.
  • WHAT YOU GET – Machika dumpling maker press set includes molds of different sizes. Ideal for preparing delicious pastry recipes without size limits You’ll get (1) Mini – 3” (1) Small – 4” (1) Medium – 5” (1) Large –


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