Machika Polished Steel Paella Pan 26 inch (65 cm)


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Machika’s polished steel paella pan will be the greatest addition to your kitchen. Made with top grade carbon steel, these pans conduct heat quickly and evenly throughout to create the perfect paella. It’s thin and lightweight material makes this pan durable and trustworthy. It’s innovative hammered dimple technology makes the bottoms of the pans rigid and perfect for cooking paellas. This authentic Valencian paella pan makes cooking paella’s easier than ever. Polished steel, however, does require a little bit of care: After use, simply clean the piece with water and detergent. Immediately dry the pan with a soft cloth to maintain it’s beautiful polished look. Lightly oil the pan with cooking oil, wrap it in paper, and store in a plastic bag keeping it in a dry and safe space. If your pan does begin to rust, don’t worry! Just remove the rust with a bit of steel wool before using it again.

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Dimensions 32.39 × 25.99 × 3.49 cm