20 in Stainless Steel Burner Windshield


The Machika windshield is an essential accessory for outdoor cooking. It protects the flame of your burner from wind, which can cause uneven heating and make it challenging to cook. The windshield is made of stainless steel, highly resistant to corrosion and humidity. It’s also sleek and stylish, making it a great addition to any outdoor cooking setup.

Our windshield is suitable for paella burners up to 12 and 20 inches (30 to 50 cm), and if you already own a Machika Paella Pan, these references will fit it: 300-350-400-450-500. The windshield is easy to transport and assemble in place, thanks to its two stainless steel sheets that don’t require complicated assembly instructions.

 In addition to protecting your burner from wind, the Machika windshield can help reduce fuel consumption by preventing heat loss. It can also help keep your cooking area clean by preventing debris from blowing into your food.

 To keep your windshield in good condition, be sure to wash it well and dry it with a very absorbent cloth.

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  • Non-stop Cooking – Enjoy cooking outdoors without worrying about the wind! the Machika Stove Windscreen is designed to shield the burner from adverse weather conditions, providing excellent wind protection and an optimal outdoor cooking experience.
  • Wide Applications – Whether you are hosting a gastronomy event, a catering service, a backyard celebration, or any other occasion, a windshield for paella burners will make your life easier and your guests happier. Keep the flames steady and your dishes sizzling with the right paella burner windshield.
  • Durable Burner Windscreen – Stainless steel windshield is very durable and easy to clean! You can rest easy, as they resist rust and corrosion, even when exposed to moisture and air. Furthermore, stainless steel has a shiny and smooth appearance that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the windshield for burner.
  • Portability – Our Paella Windshield is designed for easy transport and assembly. It comprises two stainless steel sheets that can be carried without the need for assembly. This means you can take it wherever you go and set it up quickly and easily when ready to cook.
  • Fits Various Burners – Machika’s Windshield is designed to fit Paella Burners that are between 12 and 20 inches (30 to 50 cm) in size. If you own a Machika Paella Burner, you can use the Windshield with any of these burners references: 300-350-400-450-500.


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