14 inch Wooden Spatula


The Machika wooden spatula is a versatile kitchen tool you’ll treasure daily. The cooking spoon is made of durable rigid material that can withstand high temperatures and last for years. In addition, it has a natural wood color that adds a rustic touch to your kitchen. The spatula is 14 inches long, which makes it easy to reach into deep pots and pans. You can use it for cooking, mixing, or stirring any food, from eggs to sauces.

The wood spoon is safer than metal or plastic ones because it won’t scratch your cookware or leach harmful chemicals into your food. Plus, it is easy to care for handwash with warm water and soap and let it air dry. Not dishwasher safe.

The Machika wooden spatula is the perfect addition to your kitchen collection. Whether you are a professional chef or love cooking at home, the wooden spoon will help you unleash your culinary creativity each time. So order yours today and enjoy the benefits of this great spatula!

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  • Make your cooking easier! – If you love cooking, you’ll love this wood spatula made in spain by machika. Perfect for stirring, mixing, dividing, and turning dishes, this utensil is an excellent companion for creating delectable paellas, tortillas, tapas, and more without worrying about scratching your pan surfaces.

  • Gentle on non-stick surfaces – Designed to protect your pans. Machika wooden utensils are perfect for use on non-stick surfaces. They resist scratches and damage, featuring a natural non-stick property for easy flipping, stirring, and serving. Enjoy its durability and practicality for years to come.

  • Ergonomic design – Our wooden spoon is made of natural wood, this spoon boasts a warm, attractive color. it’s lightweight and easy to handle, with a 14-inch length that reaches deep into pots and pans. The durable wood withstands high temperatures and resists scratches, while the ergonomic design offers a comfortable grip, making cooking effortless.

  • Safer for cooking – Opt for the safety that a wooden spatula offers over metal or plastic counterparts. It won’t overheat, thanks to wood’s poor heat conductivity, nor will it melt when exposed to high heat. importantly, it doesn’t react with food or leach any chemicals into your meals. Cook safely and comfortably with this machika wok spoon!

  • Easy to care – Machika wood spoons for cooking are versatile and practical tools you will love to use daily. Super easy to care for and clean. super easy to care for and clean. To keep your spatula in good shape, avoid using a dishwasher and hand wash with gentle dish soap instead. Be sure to dry it well.


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