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Machika’s spatula stainless steel is an excellent tool for mixing, dividing, and serving your paella. It’s the ideal utensil for those days when you prepare large quantities of paella for the whole family. This utensil is made of high-quality stainless steel, so you won’t have to worry about rust. Made from premium materials, the metal cooking spoon has a sturdy construction that will last a lifetime. Its design is ideal for scooping food. It has a long handle for safe handling, a sturdy wooden handle that doesn’t conduct heat, and a chain at the end of the handle for hanging. You can use it for multiple purposes, from mixing and serving paella to multiple rice recipes and flipping burgers and vegetables. To keep the metal spatula in good condition, avoid using the dishwasher. Instead, wash it by hand and scrub it gently with dish soap. It will always look like new. Made in Spain. Dimensions: 20 Inches.


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